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We source the supply of leading German and European brands and semi-finished non-ferrous metals.

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Through our long history in the industry we have gathered reliable partners with whom we can ensure an efficient and reliable supply chain for your demand 

Broad Spectrum

Being part of a wide variety of companies     O. Wilms and Lodec can fall back to our strong internal support to source the right material for you   

Industry Experience

Due to our multi cultural and experienced staff we have inhouse know-how to rely on for the best possible service to you 

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Founded in

Lodec & O.Wilms

Combining Industry Experts

Founded in 1952 by Mr. Oscar Wilms O.WILMS & GmbH & Co.KG is active now for more than 65 years in the export of a wide range of products mainly manufactured in Germany and other European countries to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin-America.

Whilst in former times our company mainly supplied consumer items to Latin-America we are nowadays specialized in supplying an interesting range of high-quality goods of well-known brands/factories to our customers in the Electrical-, Lamps & Lighting-, Tool- and Hardware lines.

Together with our company LODEC Metall-Handel, we are able since 1992 to offer a wide portfolio of Non-Ferrous Metals globally with specialised sourcing capabilities from Asia.

Together O. WILMS and LODEC are able to use their synergies to offer the best possible solution for your demand.


Our wide portfolio can be split into two different groups. Firstly our European Products offered by O. WILMS and secondly of Non-Ferrous Metals form LODEC.

European Products

Electrical Products

Lamps & Lighting

Hand Tools



Non-Ferrous Metals

Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Sheets & Plates

Aluminium Tubes

Other Non-Ferrous Metals

Some of Our Global Clients

Dealing with leading partners in and across different industries.

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Aluminum for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Aluminium in Food Packaging

Aluminium in Food Packaging

In 1911, the Tobler factory in Switzerland which produced Toblerone chocolate was the first industry to use aluminium foil to pack food. Nowadays, this is one of the most used sources for flexible food packaging, due to its cost-effectiveness, ability to be fully...

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