About Us

As O. Wilms we source machinery of leading German and European brands for more than 40 years, whilst in parallel building a long experience of trading with semi-finished non-ferrous metals globally but with key competence in Asian sourcing for the EU, Mexico and Brazil!

Your reliable supplier for high quality semi-finished Aluminium, Brass and Copper


High-quality products

Aluminium, Brass and related alloys.


Knowledgeable staff

Staff with technical knowledge.


Industry focussed

We cater for all major industries.


Experienced exporters

We export to countries around the world.


Reach out to us and experience our service

fast servıce

Our global company structure ensures timely service

Some of Our Global Clients

Dealing with leading partners in and across different industries.

Import & Export Services

During our over 25 years existents, we have been able to prove our reliability. With our strong relationships with Asian manufacturers, we have build up a reliable network of companies. With these, we have supplied into markets like the EU, Brazil and Southern Africa and even introduced Chinese material into the Mexican market about 20 years ago.

Fast Service

Our global company structure enables you to reach us when you need our support.

Reliable Shipping

Even during difficult periods we are able to keep our commitments due to our strong relationship in the shipping industry.

Local Trucking

With our partners we can ensure timely supply to your premises across the world.

Safeguarding you

With our competence in sourcing,  transportation and warehouse management we can be the partner you can rely on.

Our Team

Our team of qualified and competent employees are here to help you. Your business is in good hands with their extensive knowledge of the industry and materials. Meet the top management of Lodec Jinshu below.


Managing Director


Marketing Manager


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Quality Manager