Non-Ferrous Metals


Your reliable supplier for high quality semi-finished Aluminium, Brass and Copper.


We stock all forms of semi-finished products in non-ferrous metals, in particular Aluminium, Copper and Brass.

Aluminium Foil

We stock a large range of foil for numerous applications including converter foil for packaging blister foil for the pharmaceutical industry, container foil, capacitor foil, cigarette foil, household foil and foil for cable wrap

Aluminium Sheets/Plates

We offer extra-wide plates for shipbuilding and transport industry, cladded strip for brazed heat exchangers, thread plates and cathode sheets to customer dimensions. Plates can be cut to any required size. We also offer special alloys for the tooling industry

Aluminium Tubes

In stock are micro and multiport tubes, tubes for HVAC applications and heat exchangers, lubricated tubes for HVAC application, bus bar tubing for automotive industry in lengths of 15 meter max

Other Non-Ferrous Metals

We also offer Copper, Brass and other Copper metals including rolled products like cable foil, tubes for HVAC and cooling applications. Copper-Nickel tubes and fittings for shipbuilding. Please contact us for specific requirements

Market Prices

The London Metal Exchange is the world centre for industrial metals trading.

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